Daily Directory and Welcome Back

Daily Directory and Welcome Back
The Daily Directory and Welcome Back (since renamed) are the largest special sections the Daily puts out each year, and they come out in the same week, at the end of the summer (when the staff is greatly reduced). I was in charge of the 2010 editions: the Daily Directory is for an audience that is new to Ames, and Welcome Back is for returning students. They’re far from perfect, but given the circumstances I’m proud of how they turned out. Follow the links to read them on issuu.

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  • Iowa State Daily | Sarah E. Binder

    February 3, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    […] Daily Directory / Welcome Back: I first became a section editor in May 2010, and by August I was responsible for two 100+ page special sections (in addition to overseeing much of the regular paper). I’m still not totally sure how we pulled that off.  […]